Cameroon continues to face three concurrent humanitarian emergencies, including an ongoing nutrition crisis in the North and Far North, internal displacement and the continued influx of refugees from Central African Republic in the East and Adamawa regions and from Nigeria in the Far North.

The country has the highest number of internally displaced persons and refugees as part of the sub-regional crisis as a result of the ongoing conflict with Boko Haram, following Nigeria. Since the beginning of 2016, 23,150 children under 5 (including 2,669 refugee children) have been admitted for therapeutic care for severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

In the Far North region, 190,591 people, 61% of whom are children, have been internally displaced, 83% of whom have been displaced by the ongoing conflict with Boko Haram. Nearly 65,000 refugees from Nigeria have come across the border as a result of the conflict, with 3,829 new arrivals so far in 2016. 56,830 of the refugees live in Minawao camp.

The funding situation remains worrisome which are constraining lifesaving activities. Child protection, education, HIV and health remain the most underfunded sectors. UNICEF’s Humanitarian response funding gap is at 83%.

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